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The North Broadcast is the creative practice founded by PhD researcher and composer Kieran Jenkins, exploring sonic hauntology through a variety of music projects, as well writing and research in cybernetic cultures, theory-fiction & conceptual soundtracking.

Drawing from the philosophical lens of hauntology, this project was founded to explore the ways in which way we are continuously haunted by what has come before. Not a haunting in the traditional sense of  a ghost or phantasm, but a haunting that comes in the form of a spectre, a reminder of a lost future that's arrival grows increasingly distant as our age drifts deeper into industrial landscapes and ruinous Anthropocentrism.


Whilst exploring these often highly complex and multi-layered topics, the work of Artificial Image and Transorbital Dream Sequence considers the implications of these questions, whilst maintaining a cinematic lens through which they can be viewed, as tools to construct culturally reflective and narrative driven conceptual works. 

Through wandering the misty corridors between reality & fiction // past & present, The North Broadcast aims to use electro-acoustic music as a tool for hauntological soundtracks that explore themes of cosmic uncertainty, longing & the melancholic dread symptomatic of life under late capitalism.

music & development


The music that falls under the broad spectrum of 'sonic hauntology' can be thought of as a lens to view the increasingly unknowable, complex and technologically fractured modern world, cultivated through techniques such as sampling, temporal obfuscation, and the capturing of place and time through field recordings and found sound artefacts.

The artistic projects created under The North Broadcast explore sonic hauntology as a tool for navigating and understanding the unknowableness of the later stages of the 21st century, where the presence of the past only grows more desirable, while in tandem an anxiety and melancholia symptomatic of life under late capitalism only accelerates. 

Sound Maps

- Aberavon Coast 

- Port Talbot Tata Steel Works

- Cwmgwrach Community Mine & Abandoned 

- The Flooded Village Of Nant Y Moch
   (Hydrophone Underwater Rec

Anchor 1
Anchor 2

'Online Ghost Market'

DSC_0814 2.JPG

channel zero says..

nothing comes out of

the black snow

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