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Transorbital Dream Sequence

The following collection of work under Transorbital Dream Sequence on the allure and approach of soundtracking lost / fictional films from previous decades.


There has been a particular renewed enthusiasm for retro horror soundtracking of the 1980's through the success of It Follows (2014), Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010). and the overwhelming popularity of Netflix's Stranger Things (2018)


Composing a soundtrack inspired by the tone and impression of a previous decade is in itself, a hauntological act - following the sonic traces of what has come before and exploring it's ghostly heritage in a present body of work.

This was especially true in the writing of Procession Of The Black Sun, a conceptual work shrouded in its ghostly traces of a fictional film perhaps created in 1983.

As a research practice, conceptual soundtracking not only affords the era of technique to be researched and explored through a revised lens, but also conjures into question a temporal disjuncture, that of an old artefact that's internal temporality is out of joint with when it is been experienced.  

Arrival In BroadacreTransorbital Dream Sequence
00:00 / 01:16
Hanna's Theme Transorbital Dream Sequence
00:00 / 02:17
Requiem For A Lost DreamTransorbital Dream Sequence
00:00 / 01:56
Every Worm A Trampled Star (excerpt)Transorbital Dream Sequence
00:00 / 01:43

Archived promotional material for the launch of the Broadacre Institute in 1974

'Become the first to experience Britain's only institute for Astral Projection through reversible and risk free!! - transorbital simulation'

Dr Arthur Nile, lead surgeon and founder of Broadacre, 1974 - 1976

Transorbital Dream Sequence

Library Music From The Darktown Archive
Volume 1

One late October night in 1976, something happened in Darktown.

An unexplainable event, the aftermath of which still lingers in the consciousness of the sleepy idyllic village.

It began with the crackle of lights and the power outage that plunged the population into complete darkness for 7 minutes and 42 seconds.

During this time, inhabitants of the small village found themselves unable to make any noise, as if a low pass filter had been cast over the village, smothering anything that seemed to resemble a sound.

Then the silence was broken by a low seismic rumble and the abyssal screech of metallic drones emanating from the skies above Darktown.

At 11:42, all of the town's inhabitants stood in their gardens, front porches and streets and stared up at the source of the sound, only for their eyes to meet nothing more peculiar than the sky they had looked up to all their lives, full of small bright stars and the black space between. 

All 431 people, staring up to the infinite solitude of space, some looking for assurance from their neighbours, some laughing uncontrollablysome grinning madly from ear to ear.

In the days that followed the Event, uncanny happenings plagued the town. Many forgot where they lived, others failed to recognise their spouses or family members, some even spotted 'strangely shaped' figures frequently entering and exiting the public library from 11pm to 02:30am.

Something was different about Darktown, but if you dared to ask anyone if they noticed anything odd or strange, each person would reply with the same mantra, as if collectively rehearsed:

'Odd? Strange? Well, things have always been a little strange in Darktown, haven't they?' Inhabitant Number 78 

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'Synthetic Rain & Scripted Conversations'

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