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The Sound Of Darktown
October 17th, 1974

I came across an old news paper in my grandparents basement yesterday and saw an article which I haven't been able to stop thinking about?

Has anyone heard about Darktown? 

Don't answer that, I already know you haven't. 

Apparently, back in 1974 in the middle of October, something strange happened just before midnight. 

In the newspaper, it said that the residents of the small mining community found themselves leaving their houses in the middle of the night after there was a deafening sound of metallic 'clanking' and 'screeching' in the sky.  

Initially some thought it was the sound of an airplane crashing, but there was no sight of anything in the black sky - just this sound.

This article was published 3 weeks after the event on the 5th of November, and it had an interview with lady who lived there: 

'Oh it was so strange, that sound...we still don't know what it was..I have no idea. But the sound was horrible. It frightened the life out of my cat - she bolted out the front door and i haven't seen her since.'

'But the strangest thing happened a few days after. I forgot where I lived! Can you believe that? For a few days, a lot of my friends said they had completely brain fog, some of them couldn't even recognise their family when they bumped into them at the shops'. 

I asked my grandparents about it when i came back to their living room, but they had no idea. 

What's even weirder?

I went to the library later that day to try and find a copy of it in the archive room, and I found exactly the same newspaper from that day, but this issue had no mention of this report - in fact the place where this report was on p23 had been completely covered with grey ink. 

Why have been not known about this before?

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